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Monday, March 17, 2014

Life seems busy

Between work and being a mommy I hardly have anytime to update anymore. Do know no news is good news. Kadyns been doing amazing in school. He is getting so big and growing more and more amazing everyday. Learning new things and getting stronger with school. We hardly get any bad notes home from school anymore. His new bus driver says that Kadyn is his favorite as well. Kadyn is also happier on the bus with the new driver. Makes you wonder why Kadyn is doing so much better now that he is no longer with that bus driver. I have no idea. 
Kadyn likes to be cuddled now, not for along time but he enjoys mommy cuddles. It's a good feeling because I never got that from him. Even has a baby he did not enjoy being held. Only one time did I hold him for a long period of time, this was back when he was in nicu and he was having issues with his stats unless I was holding him. I held him for hours. Now I'm lucky to get 5 minutes. I enjoy every moment of it though. Kadyn is sti super vocal, he doesn't talk but makes many noises and can say some words. My handsome prince is amazing! 

Kyle is 7 months old now! Can you believe it? He can sit up unsupported, mimicked noises and sounds, says dada, scoots to get were he wants, rolls from back to front and front back to back. He loves toys and baths and he loves his jenny jumper. He enjoys snuggling and he loves to eat! He still has no teeth yet. He is such a good happy baby. Hardly cries unless he is sleepy or hungry. When he is sleepy he wants his bed to sleep in! We sti don't out Kadyn and Kyle together a lot as Kadyn is rough and he doesn't understand that he can't be rough. Unless I am going to be sitting with them both they play on opposite sides of the room. Until Kyle is older and can protect himself from Kadyns pinches lol. 

Life is good though :) babies are happy and healthy and loved. It's all I can ask for. Working and I love it! I am blessed! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's that time of the year again!

Walk Season is here! Help out stomp, roll and walk out hydrocephalus! Kadyn has a team this year and we are hoping nothing gets in the way of us going. Even so you can still donate towards the Hydrocephalus Foundation!

Kadyn would appreciate any donations!

Also if you donate, comment on here and let me know you donated. I will then after the Walk (which is in August) have Kadyn choose a name with his activation switch and that person will receive a tshirt from me! :)

Here is the link to his team page to donate :)

Thank you!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kadyn has a shunt?

With Kadyn's hydrocephalus comes his shunt, or shall I say shunts. Kadyn has 2 shunts. It's been almost 4 years since Kadyn's last shunt malfunction. That is such a blessing. He has been a true miracle. I often forget that Kadyn even has a shunt. Since he has not had any real issues other than his epilepsy. The good thing though is his seizures are not controlling his life as much as they used to. I am thankful for this. Kadyn's conditions seem to have gotten better and not worse. At one point we were told that his conditions would pretty much take over his life, but I do not see that as the case. He has seizures still, but they are months apart and not days. I don't know what the future holds for his shunts but so far they are working perfectly. Kadyn is 6 years old, which is 6 years more than what we were told we would have with him. He is the definition of a true fighter. Everyday he is learning something new, and doing these new skills. The other day in school he said bottle and bye bye for the first time. I haven't heard these but Kadyn likes to say something 1 time or 2 times and then that is it, you wont hear it for awhile or ever again if that. He is also sitting up unsupported more. Not for very long periods of time but he is doing it and getting into the sitting position all on his own. I am so proud of him. He is also taking many steps in his walker at school. My hope is by summer i can take him for walks where he can walk himself.

Kyle is 6 months old today. It is amazing how time just flies right on by. He can roll from back to front and front to back. He can not quite sit up unsupported yet but we are almost there. He loves watching my dogs and touching them. He is exploring his surroundings more. He is still an amazing sleeper. Sleeping through the night every night in his own bed. I think him being able to sleep in his own bed is the best decision I ever made. I know there is this whole big thing about co-sleeping and bed sharing but it was not for me. If my child can fall asleep by me just laying him in his bed, I am all for it. His only comfort items are is stuffed monkey that sings and his thumb. Yup I have a little thumb sucker, but I am ok with that. Thumbs are free, binki's are expensive. Kyle self weaned from his paci at 3 months old. Amazing!

Kadyn is a little more nicer and gentle with Kyle. He knows not to pinch him and to be careful. I think he realizes that Kyle is a baby. I just hope that I can teach Kyle not to judge anyone. I hope that I can raise him around Kadyn to accept everyone for their disabilities and all. I hope I can teach him not to say cruel things to people because they are "different" I want to raise him right. I think Kyle will be a super sweet boy. He is already super sweet and so happy all the time.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I probably should update this more

If I had time anymore I would still update this blog almost daily, but with a new job, a new baby, and Kadyn it's hard to do anything anymore. 

Oddly I like my new job a lot. I like most of the people I work with and I enjoy talking to some of the cool customers there. Call me weird but it's ok :)

Kadyn is back to school this week. After being sick and a few snow days he actually gets to go to school. He didn't have such a good day today but I am hoping tomorrow. Not to mention he was late getting home because of an emergency that happened on the bus and no one decided to call the parents and let them know that their handicapped children where going to be late. 

Kyle is growing and teething. He is getting so big. He amazes me everyday with his personality and his wit. He reaches for my face when I pick him up and he always smiles. He is a very happy loving baby. He loves his foods and snack and juices he gets. Can you believe he will be 6 months old this month. Sadly I wish he wasn't. I want my newborn baby again. He is getting so big and I think it's amazing. 

Kadyns new afo's came in today. I can not wait for him to be able to bring them home. Apparently they needed to be adjusted but I am hoping they are comfy enough for him to wear a lot more.

Nothing really new to report. 


Monday, January 20, 2014

Keep on pushing on!

Cherish every moment because they are only little once. 

Growing so big now. It's hard to imagine just 5 months ago I was in the hospital giving birth to Kyle. My successful VBAC baby and I am so proud that I was able to do it!

6 Years ago I was undergoing major surgery to bring my little miracle into this world. Doctors doubted he would even live but he is still here and happy. Sure life may not be always fair to him, throwing him into the ER or the OR sometimes but with a smile always on his face he pulls through it all! It amazing how much he has grown in 6 years. How much he has learned and how smart he is. He may not be able to walk, talk sit or stand but he can think and figure things out. I love him soo much!

Every minute I think about how blessed I am with my children. I mean who else has a 5 month old that has been sleeping through the night since he was 2 months old and who else has a 6 year old who was given a death sentence before he was even born. I am truly blessed and I absolutely love being a mommy!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Another year....

The holidays were great. Both Kadyn and Kyle got many things. Clothes, toys, yogurts, baby foods and gift cards. Things that were needed. I also got them a couple things. They each got a gift from us and a gift from Santa. It seems to be easier that way. Kadyn got a dinosaur paint set which I am going to help him with of course and he also got a Scout Lap Top. Kyle got a toy that jingles and a teether. Seems practical since he is teething now I believe. Kyle has also started baby foods. We were sort of hoping he would start baby foods and his puking would decrease, which in this case it has a lot. Since starting on his veggies his puking has not been as much or as often. I am pretty sure formula just doesn't agree with him, you name the formula we have tried it, so we are sticking with gentlease until he is a year old.

Kadyn is 6 years 6 months and Kyle is 5 months old. Kyle just found his feet. Loves all the veggie puree's, loves sucking his thumb and has learned to roll from his tummy to his back. He sleeps through the night, going to bed at 5pm and waking up at 6am. Thankfully he behaves himself while I get Kadyn on the bus. Kyle loves watching Tv and could sit there for an hour and watch TV.

Kadyn enjoys stuffies with switches on their paws and they sing, make music, talk ect. He has  a Scout, Cody, Dog, and a read with me Scout. He loves these things and when he is having a bad day these stuffies will make him the happiest. With being in a special school they don't have grades but he would be in 1st grade. He is "learning" math and reading in his own special way. Kadyn can walk in his gait trainer a few feet and is able to not use the head rest. He has great head control when his gait is supported.

With 2014 my hopes and dreams are for Kadyn to fully walk in his gait trainer, expect many tears when that happens, I also expect Kadyn to learn a couple more words, eat more solids and have NO shunt malfunctions. I am hoping and praying for these things

For Kyle I can't wait to see all his milestones. Sitting up, walking, talking, and being  a big boy. Growing and just being the sweet lil dude he is. This year should be amazing!! I see many good changes! :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sweet Dreams

Sometimes the best part of being a parent....

is just watching your babies sleep.